JCHS Academic Team Earns Runner-Up at 48[th] District Governor's Cup

by Jerry Sparks, Co-Editor/Senior Reporter In collaboration with JCHS Academic Team Coach Jordan Hays

Different kinds of learning take place as children go through school and grow into young adults. As they grow and mature they learn how to interact with their peers, their community, their family members, school administrators, and their teachers. There are so many different kinds of learning taking place that it is easy to forget one of the main objectives involves mastering the subject matter taught in the class rooms. The pinnacle of this is demonstrated by those that participate on the school's Academic team.

JCHS Academic team coach Jordan Hays reported last week, "Jackson County Academic Team rocked the house at the 48th District Governor's Cup these past two evenings with a runner up placement! Every single student placed in at least one of their subjects or competitions!! Huge congratulations to these students and a big THANK YOU to Randi Vickers Moore and Heather G Smith for helping us out this week!!

These were our results: Addan Witt placed 1st in mathematics, Anna Roark placed 2nd in language arts and 3rd in mathematics, Bella Peters placed 3rd in written composition and 4th in arts and humanities, Gabe Gross placed 1st in science, Hailey Judd placed 5th in written composition, Jason Cornett placed 3rd in social studies and 5th in arts and humanities, Lawson Sallee placed 3rd in science, Miley Bowles placed 2nd in science, and Owen Gray placed 5th in social studies!"

Congratulations to the JCHS Academic Team for ongoing excellence!!!

Team Pic Legend: (L-R) Lawson Sallee, Miley Bowles, Owen Gray, Gabe Gross, Addan Witt, Jason Cornett, Anna Roark, Bella Peters, Hailey Judd