Spike, Set, Champion! Unstoppable JCMS Lady Generals take the Win for ALL A!

by Submitted by JCMS Volleyball Head Coach Heather Truett

In an exhilarating display of skill and teamwork, Jackson County Middle School Varsity Lady Generals has emerged as the ultimate champions of the 13th Region All A Tournament. On Saturday, March 23, the Lady Generals participated in the tournament. In the first round we swept the Lynn Camp Lady Wildcats in two sets. In the second round we played three sets against the Pineville Lady Tigers. Pineville has been the crowned champions for the last three years. The Lady Tigers fought hard to keep their title, but came up short in the end. With their unwavering determination and exceptional talent, the Lady Generals have secured their place as the 13th Region All A Champions for their first time ever.

Led by their fearless captain, Clara Tincher, the team showcased their powers on the court, leaving opponents in awe of their strategic plays and powerful serves. From the very first serve to the final match point, the team's dedication and passion were evident in every move they made. The varsity team is Clara Tincher, Sadie Turner, Sadie Seals, Brylee Metcalf, Rylee Bowman, Delanie Hays, Kara Harris, Aubree Madden, Kelsea Miller, and Kenzie Medlock. The team also has two intern coaches that support them in practices and games, Shelby Berry and Allison Truett. These two play for Jackson County High School under the amazing coaching of Sandy Creech.

Coaches Chris and Heather Truett, have coached JCMS Volleyball for three years. "These athletes have shown remarkable commitment and resilience throughout the season," Coach Chris stated. "These ladies have fought for this title," replied Coach Heather. The road to victory was not without its challenges. The team faced Covid their first year, and learned about volleyball from the ground up. They also faced amazing opponents, each one determined to claim the championship title. However, JCMS Lady Generals rose to the occasion, demonstrating their exceptional skills and ability to adapt to any situation.

There wasn't one player that won it all. The team showcased their exceptional defensive skills, expertly diving and digging to keep the ball in play. Setters, Clara Tincher and Kara Harris orchestrated the offense with precision, delivering perfect sets to their powerful hitters, Sadie Turner, Sadie Seals, and Rylee Bowman. Aubree Madden, Kelsea Miller, Delanie Hays, and Kenzie Medlock battled hard to keep the ball alive all over the court. Serving was on point as Sadie Seals shook the floor at times. Clara Tincher's serves were deceitful as they appeared to be short but glided effortlessly over the net to score point after point. Brylee Metcalf is a solid player all over the court. She can dig, dive, serve, and defend. It is a team sport and this team is phenomenal.

The support from the Jackson County community is unwavering for these ladies. A newly stemmed pep section is eager to cheer on their Lady Generals with themed game nights. The stands are consistently filled with cheering fans, proudly supporting the team's colors and chanting their names. The team drew strength from this overwhelming support, fueling their drive to succeed.

As the final whistle blew, the gym erupted in thunderous cheers and applause. Tears of joy streamed down the faces of the victorious team members as they celebrated their hard-earned victory. The championship trophy gleamed proudly in their hands, a symbol of their dedication and perseverance.

Congratulations to the Jackson County Middle School Varsity Lady Generals on their well-deserved championship victory! You have made our community proud and left an indelible mark on the sport. Keep shining and continue to inspire others with your incredible talent and sportsmanship.