2024 Prom & Prom Promise

by submitted by Tiffany Medlock, JCHS English Department


This past week, the juniors and seniors of Jackson County High School engaged in an interactive and impactful event as part of their Prom Promise initiative. Titled "Preventing Recklessness, Offering Mentorship, Inspiring Safety Education," this event brought together various community partners to educate and empower students on the importance of responsible decision-making, particularly during prom season.

The event featured several stations designed to provide students with hands-on experiences and valuable insights. The National Guard played a pivotal role by showcasing drunk goggles and setting up a tricycle course, simulating the impaired coordination that comes with alcohol consumption. This practical demonstration offered a sobering reminder of the dangers of driving under the influence.

Brian Gabbard, Jackson County Jailer, shared firsthand accounts and sobering realities and shed light on the legal consequences and personal ramifications of irresponsible actions, encouraging students to make smart choices. Additionally, students enjoyed the unique experience of being handcuffed, gaining a firsthand understanding of the consequences of engaging in illegal activities. Mitchell Baker from the Jackson County Detention Center brought his police dog, Big Papa, along with Zach Bryant from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and his dog, Koda. The canines' presence not only delighted the students but also served as a reminder of the valuable roles law enforcement plays in keeping communities safe.

The Jackson County Ambulance Service provided students with a unique opportunity to step inside an ambulance, offering a glimpse into the potential consequences of reckless behavior.

The Jackson County Coroner's Office addressed the sobering reality of the worst-case scenario that could unfold due to reckless behavior.

The Jackson County Fire Departments also provided a memorable experience for students by allowing them to interact with the Jaws of Life. Students had the opportunity to use this equipment to cut through a car hood, gaining a firsthand understanding of the tools and techniques used in emergency rescue operations. This hands-on activity not only sparked interest and engagement but also instilled a deeper appreciation for the critical work carried out by first responders in ensuring public safety.

Overall, the interactive nature of the Prom Promise event facilitated meaningful dialogue, provided valuable learning experiences, and empowered students to take ownership of their actions. By partnering with community organizations and experts, Jackson County High School demonstrated a commitment to fostering a culture of responsibility, mentorship, and safety education among its students with the intent that the lessons learned from this event would undoubtedly resonate, guiding students toward making informed and responsible choices, both on prom night and beyond.

The following night, Saturday, April 20th, Prom 2024, "Under the Big Top" was a show-stopper and a circus of fun! Melissa Anderson and her students never fail to provide an enchanting experience as students enter a transformed cafeteria into a magical atmosphere. Megan Young and FCS students amplified the spectacle with delicious circus-themed snacks and drinks. Students filled the dance floor until they made way at the end of the night for the Prom King and Queen, Dawson Mathis, and Raegan Bowman.

We're immensely relieved and grateful that all of our students returned home safely from prom. It was a night filled with fun, laughter, and memorable moments, and we're thrilled that everyone had a great time. Thank you to all the parents, teachers, students, and chaperones who helped make prom a success while ensuring our students' safety.