Jackson County Interactive Mural Project - 2024

June 07, 2024

The Jackson County Creative Community is sponsoring a mural project to:

- Build pride in our community,

- Recognize the creativity and talent we have here in Jackson County,

- Encourage inter-generational volunteerism, and

- Encourage local people to interact with locally created art.

The interactive murals will cover 4 sides of a building at Jack Gabbard Park on Hwy 290 in McKee. We are asking local artists to submit designs for the project. Artists can submit a design for one side, 2 sides or all 4 sides of the building.

Winners will be chosen and notified the week of July 19. Winners will receive the following prizes:

$50 for a design that covers one of the walls

$100 for a design that covers 2 of the walls

$200 for a design that covers all 4 walls.

General Guidelines:

These guidelines provide an overview of how to participate in the Jackson County Creative Community's Mural Contest.

Mural Criteria -

Must be original artwork of the person(s) named on the entry form

Designs must encourage the public to interact with the art (see photo's below).

No political statements will be accepted

Happy, uplifting, inspiring and colorful in nature

No advertisements, logos or copyrighted images

Colors, though vibrant, should be complimentary and harmonious


Artists must be current residents of Jackson County, Kentucky.

Artists may submit up to 3 designs. Each design should be submitted using a separate entry form.

All designs must be original, not copied from murals elsewhere, and not produced by AI (artificial intelligence.)

The artist should sign and date each design. The design, as part of the competition, becomes jointly owned by the artist, the Jackson County Creative Community and the City of McKee. All owners may freely use the design and photos of the mural on their websites and in any promotional materials.

The Jackson County Creative Community and the City of McKee will include winners' names and photos in press releases and other communications, including social media.

Team submissions from collaborating artists are encouraged and will be accepted.

Submissions will be accepted until June 30th, 2024, 5pm. Submissions received after this point will not be considered.

Artist Responsibility

If selected, and the artist is physically able, the artist will be expected to participate in painting the mural using a "paint by numbers" technique with volunteers from the community recruited by the Jackson County Creative Community (JCCC) The JCCC is responsible for obtaining paint, primer, specialty brushes, paint rollers, sponges, or stippling brushes for certain painting techniques. The artist must be prepared to provide a list of materials and mix colors using the paint (primary colors) provided. The JCCC will work with the artist to plan and execute a painting event that includes volunteers. Artists will be compensated for their time at an agreed-upon rate.

Procedures and Materials:

The City of McKee will prep and prime the surface to be painted. A special anti-graffiti coating will be applied to protect the design. This step will serve to safeguard the mural from vandalism, protecting the building and community at large.

Application, Review, and Winning Design Selection Process:

Applicants should submit one or more sketches of their concept. Up to four different concepts per artist will be considered. Each concept will require its own completed entry form. Additional notes or images may be included as necessary. Team submissions will also be accepted.

Submissions will be accepted until June 30th, 2024, 5pm. Submissions received after this point will not be considered.

Projects that do not meet all the design criteria/guidelines, may be eliminated from the competition. Moreover, the JCCC reserves the right to accept or reject all entries.

The Mural Selection Committee will collectively decide on the murals that aesthetically look best together and highlight the creativity in Jackson County in the best way.

To find out more visit What's Next Eastern Kentucky at the following website: